Two Altamira employees working on the development of Lumify recently gave presentations at a joint event co-hosted by the DC Natural Language Processing and Graph Database Baltimore-Washington meetup groups. These presentations featured Lumify's use of graph database technology to enable exploration and manipulation of NLP-enriched datasets.

Charlie Greenbacker, Altamira's Director of Data Science, provided an overview of Lumify and discussed how natural language processing (NLP) tools are used to enrich the text content of ingested data and automatically discover connections with other bits of information.

The video from Charlie's talk is on YouTube:

The slides are available on SlideShare:

Natural Language Processing and Graph Databases in Lumify from Charlie Greenbacker

The crowd of about 100 NLP enthusiasts & graph database aficionados asked a ton of great questions and the technical discussions continued long after the presentations concluded. Many thanks to Neo4j for sponsoring the pizza & beer, and to Segue Technologies for providing the meeting space.