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Try Lumify Now

We're running a demo instance of Lumify at for you to play with at your leisure. Simply login with one of the social options and you're on your way. Before doing that though, please read this page for background information that will help you get started quickly.


Please note that is intended to help people learn about Lumify and should not be used for real work that one wouldn't want to lose. The software deployed to is a development version of Lumify that may be updated without notice and could be unstable at times. You should expect any work you do on to be deleted at any time without warning.


Lumify is open source software under active development. It's still be shaped and tuned and almost certainly has bugs. Your feedback is the lifeblood of making Lumify a useful product. Please contribute your thoughts, concerns, problems, or anything else to our Lumify mailing list. The occasional compliment is nice too!

Getting Started

It would be a good idea to skim the Lumify documentation and watch a few short feature videos before diving in. Lumify can do a lot more than is immediately obvious when first staring at the user interface.

Demo Dataset

A small dataset related to drug trafficking activities has been pre-loaded into to get you started. Searching for terms like cartel, Mexico, or FBI will give you results you can start playing with immediately.

Upload Your Own Data

You can upload your own office documents, images, videos, etc. simply by dragging them from your desktop to the Lumify workspace. Anything you upload to Lumify will be isolated to your workspace, so don't worry about other people seeing it. Please be considerate about how much data you upload.


We've attempted to make as easy and painless as possible to quickly try out. To do that we've removed the publish privilege from all user accounts. The publish privilege allows local changes to a workspace to be published for other Lumify users to see. Therefore, everything you do on will only be visible to you unless you explicitly share your workspace with another user via the workspace sharing feature.

Please also be aware that Lumify does not work with Internet Explorer before version 10, and even that may be unstable. We recommend using a recent version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.